As of May 2016, Abbie Gibson has just completed  her Bachelor of Science Degree in Studio Art at Skidmore College. She is originally from Charleston, South Carolina, and has just moved back to Charleston to work as an artist. Inspired by the horse and horsemanship, much of her work features the theme of the equine and the spiritual qualities surrounding the animal, while focusing on the subjects of emotion and gesture. In her work, she deals with the theme of the horse, her relationship with the loss of her horse, and the energy and emotions they create. She has shown work in juried student shows at Skidmore, in the Tang Museum in Saratoga Springs, NY, as well as in the Dog & Horse Gallery in Charleston, SC. 

Artists Statement 

My artwork mainly experiments  with the subjects of the horse, gesture, and emotion. In my work, I deal  with the theme of the horse, my relationship with the loss of my horse, and the energy and emotions they create. I like to portray the sensitive nature of the horse and the relationship between life and death. I focus on the mystical and unknowingness of death as well as the wordless partnership between horse and rider. Through painting, I can experiment with my own relationship to death itself and how my relationship with horses has become a religious practice. I paint the many emotions involved in loss, expressing it through tone, line work, gesture, and contrast, with areas of focused detail. I try to communicate in paint how I would communicate wordlessly with the horse. My brush strokes mimic actions taken in handling, riding, and communicating with the horse. I use transparency as a way of thinking about another world or a world beyond where we are now, creating areas of past marks overlaid with a more tangible and present layer.